Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blood Orange, Roasted Beets, Goat Cheese & Spinach Salad

1 can roasted beets (not pickled), rinsed well with water and drained
3 blood oranges

1 shallot
2 tablespoons champagne vinegar

2 tablespoons evoo

2 ounces goat cheese
1 cup packed spinach, rinsed and dried

Mince shallot and place in deep Tupperware dish. Add vinegar, olive oil and juice of 1 blood orange. Whisk together.

Slice beets into 1/4 inch thick discs. Add to vinaigrette.

Slice blood oranges into round discs horizontally. Slice away peel. Place blood orange circles above beets.

To serve, place spinach on top of salad plate. Add beets and oranges to spinach. Crumble goat cheese over salad, top with a little of the remaining vinaigrette and enjoy!


  1. I just stumbled across your blog - it's very cute and I've enjoyed checking out all your posts!

    I love goat cheese on spinach salads - and with roasted beets and the citrus of orange - yum!

  2. How does the flavor of a roasted beet differ from a pickled beet? I'm not sure I've had the roasted kind.

    This salad looks pretty good.

  3. Lovely salad! The beets and the goat cheese sound excellent together!

  4. Thanks Natasha! Boston is 85 degrees so I have salads on the brain...

    Kerstin-Thanks for the great compliment : )

  5. That one refreshing salad. Getting ready for the summer weather, eh?

  6. This sounds wonderful! My hubby loves beets...and goat cheese is a total fav!

    I'll be trying this out!

    ;) amy

  7. I know it is hot here up in my office, and I just do not want to cook when it gets like this, and its only April!

    I never ate beets as a young girl because they were always pickled on our table...when I discovered roasted, and goat cheese...might not even make it on the plate right now...thats for the idea, oh and the comment on mofongo, I have not really studied all the different versions, but seriously every time someone says they are PR, I ramble about how much I love it; then I get their version which is never the same! Like this comment :)

  8. Love a roasted beet! There's a bunch in the fridge just waiting to be cooked.


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