Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pisco Sour

So while in Argentina and Chile, I had the chance to sample many a Pisco Sour. Much debate has been had as to the origins of this drink. Chile declared it as a national drink, which infuriated the Peruvians.

Knowing this, Rachael asked our waiter at a Peruvian restaurant in Buenos Aires "como se hace un Pisco Sour?" (how to make a pisco sour-I thought it had egg white, she did not). It indeed DID have "una clarita de huevo" (egg white). Repeating the steps back to the waiter, she said to buy a "pisco chileno" (Chilean Pisco) to which the waiter bitterly replied, "eso no existe"-"that does not exist!"

Either way, it makes for a tasty treat...although I like to have mine "sin clarita."
The following is a traditional recipe for this Peruvian cocktail.


1/2 cup simple syrup
7 ½ oz Pisco
3 oz fresh lime juice
1 egg white


Angostura Bitters

Pour Pisco, simple syrup, lime juice and egg white into large cup and mix a little. Put ice into a cocktail shaker. Pour 1/2 of Pisco mixture into cocktail shaker. Shake really well, until ice breaks in very small pieces and there is nice foam on top.
Pour mixture into 2 glasses. Put more ice into shaker and remaining Pisco mixture. Shake and pour into 2 glasses, making 4 total glasses of Pisco Sour. Top with bitters.


  1. I have been following your trip, hope you had lots of fun! I think I would like this drink! I like Lime in most all things...

  2. This sounds really good, I'm glad your having a ball on vacation!!

  3. Sounds tasty, I do love me a sour. Never had Pisco before though, usually I have whiskey. But hey, I'll try almost anything once. ;)

  4. I feel like have one right now.

  5. I am glad you tried a true PISCO sour. There is no doubts about the origin, it is peruvian.
    keep on having fun.

  6. Pisco is as Peruvian as Apple Pie is North American!!! Chile would love to have this drink as their own but we all know where its origins are from.


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