Monday, April 13, 2009

May's Fusion and Cuisine

Truth be told, I would never choose to live in Allston, MA...kind of loud, definitely dirty, AND on the much dreaded B-line. 3 strikes usually means you're out, but the neighborhood redeems itself by providing a plethora of cheap, international eats all within walking distance from my apartment.

Saturday night Carlos and I decided to check out May's Fusion and Cuisine, a hole in the wall Taiwanese restaurant on Glenville Ave.

May's website stresses their healthy cuisine, even claiming that their broiled miso-glazed salmon is "known for neck pain reduction associated with stress and lack of exercise."

After perusing the menu, we settled upon:

Scallion Pancake
Sliced Pork with Garlic Dipping Sauce
Da-Loo Noodle Soup

May’s Special Fried Rice

Passion Fruit Smoothie
Total Cost: about $40, plus tip

I don't know if I have ever had a Scallion Pancake before, but this was lightly fried and served with a teriyaki-like dipping sauce. It had just enough crunch around the edges to maintain its shape when being picked up. The scallions gave it a burst of flavor with each bite.

The Pork with Garlic Dipping Sauce came very thinly sliced and boiled. As a recent convert to eating pork, I was pleased that it was very light and complimented nicely with a side of lettuce and parsley, with a side of garlic sauce.

The Da-Loo Noodle Soup came in an enormous bowl, definitely larger than my head, possibly larger than Carlos's. 4 large prawns decorated the top of a pile of noodles, shredded pork, egg, bamboo shoots, bok choi, carrots and something called wood ear (mushrooms?) The soup came out steaming hot, which impressed me as I have often been disappointed by lukewarm soups in the past. The broth was flavorful, but not salty and the vegetables were slightly steamed but still retained their crunch.

The Special Fried Rice was also a sight to behold. Rice, vegetables, egg, chicken, shrimp and Taiwanese sausage (I am still unsure as to what meat I ate). True to May's claim, the rice was surprisingly NOT GREASY.

The highlight to our evening? Being the couple who obviously has no idea what they are ordering and taking home enough food to feed themselves for the next 24 hours. But seriously, if you go there, order one appetizer and one main dish-it will be plenty for two.
Try a smoothie-they have a wide variety of fruit options (and some vegetable ones too!). You will leave full, but not in the icky-I-ate-too-much sense of full. And the restaurant is easy on your wallet!

The leftovers were even more flavorful the next day for Sunday's Easter Brunch. After a Dominican Thanksgiving and Taiwanese Easter, I am looking to eating on the 4th of July. : ) Empanadas, anyone?

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