Thursday, April 23, 2009

Alibi Bar & Lounge

Alibi (for those who are unaware) is a lounge that occupies the former Charles Street Jail in Boston. The jail was renovated and re-named The Liberty Hotel and has Alibi as well as restaurants upstairs (Clink and Scampo).

The lounge is set up so that cell bars serve as partitions between tables. Mug shots of celebrities like James Dean, Frank Sinatra, Lindsey Lohan and Hugh Grant decorate Alibi's walls. The shots detail their offense and their "alibi" justifying the crime. The vibe is definitely cool, the remaining cell bars giving patrons a small thrill at socializing where some of the most notorious criminals once served time.

Cocktails are tasty, with clever names like "jail bait," but are a bit overpriced, with most starting at 12 dollars. I recently learned that they don't make their own food-it is actually delivered through the back door from Harvard Gardens (sketchy). The truffle fries are good-they could use a bit more oil and a lot of Parmesan and I would call them great.

Get there early, as they reach maximum capacity fairly early in the night, and waiting outside is no fun.

The clientele are made up of young professionals, suits, hotel guests and people who are into the "see and be seen" scene (try saying that 3 times fast). I would describe Alibi's dress code as heels, make-up and an attitude.

That being said, when I go there with friends I always have fun; there is dim lighting, chill music, interesting drinks and the jail decor is appealing. It's probably the closest thing to a New York style lounge that we have in Boston (for those who are looking to live it up NYC style-but leave by Boston's 2am curfew). I'd go there with friends, but not necessarily to meet the love of your life (as he will probably only end up being the love of that night).

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  1. sounds like a neat place, always wanted to visit Boston, My parents are from Boston England but not much going on there!!


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