Sunday, April 26, 2009

If it's going to'll happen to me!

Completely unrelated to cooking...but sort of food related!

Friday night, I was walking in downtown Boston towards a bar/club to celebrate my boyfriend completing his first year of business school (congrats!).

Then, the unthinkable happened.

I happened to be wearing adorable sandals that unfortunately have no traction, and as I took a step my feet slid forward and my body backwards. (Luckily, Carlos has cat-like reflexes-kind of suspicious-and I did not hit the ground...very much).

You must be wondering what I fell on, so I'll just tell you...



I thought it was an urban legend...but now I know better.

Seriously though, what were the chances?!?


  1. BAH!!! I'm so sorry and Im glad you aren't hurt but that's so funny!

  2. LOL. What were the odds of that ever happening? I'm glad you were seriously hurt.

  3. I just hope that you don't end up on America's funniest videos, as apparently that kind of thing actually holds a huge appeal...go figure...When I was in Boston, I did not fall on a banana peel, but I did almost fall a couple of times, because of the old and almost too small to see, steps that go down into shops/restaurants...especially at night!

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  5. I should say this since a lurking blog might use it against me, but I was in the gutter in NYC one New Years Eve...for real...someone came by and shoved me off the sidewalk, and my feet were dangling down in the gutter, so I believe this!

  6. I just watched a Myth Busters episode where they "busted" the myth that someone could fall over from stepping on a banana peel! I'm glad you were ok :)


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