Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Buitoni Wild Mushroom Agnolotti

I arrived home Friday evening to find a large box marked "perishable" in my doorway. Slightly intrigued and a wee bit afraid of its contents (live animal, explosive device, human head), I opened it very slowly (A little egotistical to think someone would seek me out and send me something dangerous, I know. But, Unibomber in jail or not, I was paranoid).

To my delight, inside was a free sample of Buitoni's new Wild Mushroom Agnolotti! It was shipped overnight with 4 large ice packs to keep it cold (very classy Foodbuzz and Buitoni).

Inside the pasta were crimini and portobello mushroms, roasted garlic, grana padano & parmesan. As I wanted to taste the agnolotti in its purest form, I merely drizzled olive oil over the cooked noodles and ground a little fresh pepper on top.

As I took my first bite, I could taste that madeira or something similar had been added during the cooking process, adding depth to the agnolotti's flavor. I had expected a generic cheese ravioli with bits of mushroom, but the cheese did not overpower the crimini and portobello. The agnolotti tasted fresh, almost restaurant quality-in fact, better than some restaurant meals I have eaten!

Even though the pasta was slightly salty, I decided to sprinkle additional parmesan cheese over the pasta anyway (cheese was my first love and I remain in love with cheese today).

In the future, I think I would serve this with a red bell pepper-basil sauce to add more flavor but perhaps reduce the agnolotti's saltiness.

To sum up: I got, I ate, I would eat it again.



  1. The same box arrived for us, and we had no idea what it was! In fact, Fedex tried to bring it the day before, but no one was home, so it must've sat in a warehouse overnight. Only 2 of the ice packs was still frozen by the time we got it, so hopefully it's still safe to eat. :) Can't wait to try it!

  2. I am with you sister: in fact, I skipped adding any salt or cheese to my pesto. Just posted ravioli as well.

  3. Yummy, pasta and with mushroom simply made. I wish I got a box of that.

  4. I found the a similarly ambiguous box on my porch filled with the tasty past too! I must say, for pre-prepared food it was pretty yummy stuff! I served mine with a bacon-tomato sauce but plan to try it another way (or two) as well!

  5. This looks like a fantastic dinner, maybe I shoul look out on my front porch for a box!! LOL!!

  6. Im so happy to see someone else who isnt droiwnng these in marinara!! I haven't tried mine yet, but I have big pans for them.

  7. Lol big pans or plans? They both work in this case! :)

  8. Man, seeing everyone post on these is making me dying to do mine. I think I am going to do a simple rosemary or other herb butter and parm... mmmm


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