Thursday, May 7, 2009

Peking Duck at Chef Chang's House

Cinco de Mayo coincided with my 2nd fanniversario (a combination of anniversary in Spanish with "fan"=2 years of my boyfriend and I enjoying dating each other). Surprisingly, we did not hit up the Mexican circuit in Boston, but rather he brought me to a Chinese restaurant, Chef Chang's House, which is located at the St. Mary's stop on the C line in Brookline.

Carlos has been talking up Chef Chang's Peking Duck for quite some time (2 months...possibly more...but 2 months of thinking about a dish can create high expectations only to crash back to reality upon consuming it). We meant to go their for Easter (it is sort of a tradition to eat on an American holiday, but completely avoid traditional meals and eat the unexpected...unintentional but fun) but that didn't happen, so 5 de Mayo was my first time at Chef Chang's.

I could describe the restaurant...but it would provide nothing unique to this on to the duck!

(I asked Carlos was his favorite kind of duck was. He replied, a dead one...the answer I had been thinking...great minds think alike!)

The duck came de-boned, sliced horizontally into round sections and served upon incredibly crispy skin. I normally avoid eating the skin on meat, but this was so crisp, sweet and deliciously fatty that I dug right in.

The duck was served with homemade "crepes," more like tortillas in reality, green onions and plum sauce. I did not waste too much time eating the crepes, focusing on the duck and its trappings.

The meat was delicious-moist, and with the perfect amount of salt.

I am not ashamed to say that I ate half a duck that night, in fact, I'm rather proud of having done so.

The duck may take an hour to prepare, so call ahead before devouring your own Peking duck at Chef Chang's House...even if you cannot call, it is definitely worth the wait!


  1. They say the same thing about geese in my neighborhood, lol, and I got a comment that my chili post on Tandoor was not the right cuisine for Cinco, so I am glad you are in the boat with me, lol

    We keep saying we are going out for this, but never have...I want the crispy parts!

  2. Too bad the the screen to my computer doesn't taste like that dish!


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