Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ostrich Jerky

When I first received an e-mail from Doug of I though someone who knows my love of jerky was playing a cruel joke on me.

I am a born and bred Midwesterner...I grew up knowing the "Links," of the Jack Links beef jerky chain. I know my beef; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Fortunately, this e-mail turned out to be on the up-and-up, and as a result, I received a package of Ostrich Jerky in the mail this past week. (They also sell Beef Jerky, but I wanted to try something a bit more adventurous).

A few quick facts about the Ostrich:
The Ostrich is the largest living bird in the world.The Ostrich is native to Africa, yet thrives in countries all over the world.Adult males are eight to nine feet in height and weigh 350-400 pounds. Females will weigh up to 300-350 pounds. Ostrich meat is high in protein, yet low in calories, cholesterol and fat in comparison with other red meats.

The ostrich jerky had a rich flavor, but didn't have the salty, processed taste that some jerkys tend to have. The texture was slightly chewy. It was not a shocking departure from traditional beef jerky, but has a more natural flavor to it, and is definitely a healthier snack choice!

If I could find this in stores, I would definitely buy it-so let's hope that's products become available locally in the near future!


  1. Doug just sent me some pineaple jerky that we are taking to Disney. I am also wiritng an ostrich post right now.

  2. very interesting I think there is an Ostrich farm in Scotland where my parents live!!

  3. As a big fan of the beef/turkey jerky this sounds quite intriguing!


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