Sunday, January 18, 2009

Luck & Resolutions

So Christine aka Mistress of Cakes tagged me for Luck & Resolutions. This means I list 4 things I would wish for and 4 things I aim to do, or rather, my resolution's. This happened after I openly said I was not making any resolutions this year (cue eye roll).

My 4 wishes:
1) To get in Boston College's Master's Entry Nursing Program...I find out by February 1 and it is super competitive, yikes! (Cross your fingers for me!).
2) That my loved ones are healthy AND happy this year. Cheesy yes, but I have learned not to take it for granted.
3) My one secret wish comes true ; )
4) I get to travel to Latin America without repercussions from our silly government.

My 4 resolutions:
1) To try to be more environmentally friendly, which, as a foodie, can be a bit difficult at times. I am joining a CSA this summer, so I hope that counts!
2) To take more dance lessons, I love dancing but my brain and heart and hips seems to have a broken connection at times : )
3) To visit my family and friends from home more often.
4) To be better with my money. Even though I love buying expensive wine and foods, the whole "recession" thing has me thinking I
should be concerned.

And now, to pass along the
(punishment) task.

I am tagging:
1)5 Star Foodie
3)The Duo Dishes


  1. Good ones to tag and your goals see to be relatively easy your nursing program and you finishing with honors and it will happen! Well, that worked for me :), and the spending, I too had to cut back on my food additions, and now am cooking primarily low budget and healthier choices.

  2. Thanks, Caitlin - this should be fun! :)

  3. Pls check my new post

  4. Good resolutions! Check out this blog for some inspiration for #1: (it's by my friend, Elspeth - she also does the Local Food Report on NPR).

    Also, I want to know your secret wish... :)


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