Monday, November 17, 2008

Tropical Rum Punch

I made this recently for a Halloween party - gone within the first 45 minutes or so...
AND it has fruit, so it is totally good for you, right? Probably provides 2 or 3 of your daily recommended servings : )


375ml rum I recommend something like Brugal blanco which runs at about 10 bucks.
Bottle of strawberry lemonade. I got mine at Trader Joe's.
1 pound fresh strawberries, sliced thinly.
1 pound pineapple, can be fresh or frozen, cut into small chunks (avoid canned at all costs!)
2 cups diced mango. Again, I bought mine frozen at Trader Joe's. Hey, it cooled the lemonade and rum...instant ice cubes!
1 can of concentrated orange juice & recommended amount of water.
Ice cubes to serve.

You can make this stronger or weaker as you like, however the sweetness of the fruits tends to mask the alcohol taste, so be warned. Too much of a good thing can be wonderful...but not if you are hungover the next day ; )

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