Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dancing on the Beach with a Pina Colada

So I bought tickets as a Christmas present to myself to visit the boyfriend & co for New Year's Eve. My first Spanish holiday in sunny Santo Domingo! : ) Super excited for many reasons, and the Dominican Republic's food is definitely one of them. I aim to eat, and get recipes for the following:

La Bandera: rice, beans, meat, vegetables and fried plantains
Habichuelas con Arroz: Good 'ole rice and beans. I'm already down with making the Cuban moros y cristianos but have yet to learn the red Dominican beans.
Bizcocho: Dominican cake with lime, orange juice, lots of buttery goodness
Mofongo: mashed plantains with chicken broth and usually pork or chicken meat, fried twice and I suspect a good hangover remedy.
Sancocho: THE Dominican stew. A bagillion types of meats go into this. I am a bit scared to eat it, and more afraid to cook it.

Also psyched to eat mamey, or, as called in the Dominican Republic, SAPOTE.

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