Friday, June 5, 2009

Mojito Mania - Raspberry, Guava and Mango Mojitos

Ingredients for traditional Mojito:

1/2 shot simple syrup
1 1/2 oz white rum 1 oz fresh lime juice
8 mint leaves
1 splash seltzer

Muddle mint leaves with rum. In cocktail shaker, add rum, mint, ice, simple syrup and lime juice. Shake vigorously and pour into glass. Pour splash seltzer into cocktail shaker and mix around, then pour over mojito. Garnish with lime wedge.


Mango Mojito:

Use 2 oz mango flavored rum in place of white rum. Add a few pieces of diced mango when muddling.

Raspberry Mojito:

Add 10 raspberries to mint and rum. Muddle well, then finish like normal mojito.

Guava mojito:

Add 1 oz guava nectar and increase rum to 2 oz.


  1. I love the flavour of guavas-what a wonderful idea for a mojito!!

  2. Yum -- that's my next cocktail party done.

  3. Mmm, these sound so good... wish I had stuff in the cupboard, I'd make one right now!

  4. My hubby loves Mojitos but we really haven't tried making one..

  5. It's Friday...that means a cocktail. Insert mojito now.

  6. Great ideas! Always looking for things different than the standard one and these do it for me.


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