Friday, February 6, 2009

Blood Orange, Ricotta Salata and Fennel Salad

Do you ever come up with a recipe in your head and feel totally bad ass about it, only to realize that someone already thought of it? That's what happened with this salad. I was all cocky about my culinary creation until I googled blood orange salad and found a very similar recipe. It's a great salad, although I remain a bit bitter over its pre-existence.

3 small blood oranges
1 tablespoon champagne vinegar
1 tablespoons evoo
4 oz baby spinach
1/2 of 1 small fennel bulb
1 tablespoon ricotta salata
Freshly ground pepper

Juice one blood orange. Add the champagne vinegar, freshly ground pepper and whisk in olive. Salt to taste.

Wash spinach thoroughly and dry in colander.

Slice oranges in half vertically. Cut into 8 wedges and carefully cut away from peel. Place in bowl.

Cut off the fennel bulb's stalk. Cut in half lengthwise, removing the core. Shave 1/2 of the fennel with a vegetable peeler to form long fennel strips.

Whisk vinaigrette. Toss fennel, spinach and vinaigrette together. Plate salad, adding blood orange wedges to the tops of the salad greens. Crumble the ricotta salata over each salad.


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