Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cuban Sandwich

2 loaves Cuban bread (Ciabatta also would work as it has a wide and slightly flat shape)
1 lb good quality ham (a sweet cured ham, or one with a mild flavor)
1 lb lechon asado (Cuban roast pork)
1/2 lb Swiss cheese
Sliced dill pickles
Cuban mojo
Yellow mustard

To make 6 sandwiches:

Slice bread in half one time lengthwise and three times through its width (to have 6 pieces for each loaf). Butter inside of bread.

Layer mustard, pickles, ham, pork, mojo and cheese onto sandwich. Cover with top piece of bread.

Lightly oil and heat a large cast iron pan over medium to medium-high heat.

Place the sandwich on hot pan (you can probably cook 2 sandwiches at a time if your pan is large). Place a clean heavy skillet on top and push down to really flatten the bread.

Cook the sandwiches for 2-3 minutes on each side, making sure that the bread does not burn (turn heat down if bread is cooking to quickly) and cheese melts. Remove from heat and slice sandwich diagonally to serve.


  1. yummy reminds me of a vacation in Miami

  2. omg this looks awesome! I've never seen a cuban sandwich without mayo (which I loathe). I am trying this asap.

  3. My hubby would love this - I should make it for him :)

  4. that looks so appetizing and loaded with lots of flavors!


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