Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Guava and Passion Fruit Popsicles

3 tablespoons sugar
2 1/2 tablespoons water
1 cup guava nectar
1/2 cup passion fruit juice
2 1/2 tablespoons lime juice

Combine sugar and water. Stir to dissolve sugar. Stir in guava nectar, lime juice and passion fruit juice.

Divide mixture among eight Popsicle molds.

(If you don't have Popsicle mold, buy 3 oz paper or plastic cups. Freeze for 3 hours or until firm. When mixture is slushy but not solid, add wood handle-the kind you use for caramel apple).

Freeze for 3 to 4 hours or until firm. Makes 8 Popsicles.


  1. I have been thinking about making Popsicle lately...and hubby just bought some passion fruit...sounds great!

  2. My girls would love these...Thank you so much...

  3. I love making home-made popsicles especially because it's the one healthy dessert that my kids go nuts over. Thanks so much for the guava and passionfruit idea...I actually have a great smoothie recipe that I will be posting on my new blog later this week and it might inspire you with more popsicle ideas. check it out: http://theblenderdiaries.com/I think you’ll love it! :)

  4. I just picked up popsicle molds a week ago and have been awaiting inspiration to break 'em out... thanks for the official inspiration! They look fantastic

  5. What a great idea! we will do this one for the children and then spike some for the big kids! thanks, s

  6. Sounds very good. Thanks. Guava is humble looking fruit. I find guava very tasty. It is good for health. It is rich in vitamin C. It is great for eyes and heart, skin, hair. It also helps for combating colon and prostate cancer and has many other benefits.


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